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November 2019 – ​Michelle and Zach


We are very pleased to welcome Michelle Chapman as our new driver taking over from Zach.

Zach has done an amazing job with picking up from our vendors and delivering to our customer.  He is now resposible for our purchasing and logistics to make sure orders are on time.

Best of luck to both Michelle and Zach with your new responsibilities.



November 2019 – ​2020 Calendars


Our new 2020 shop calendars (26.75" x 39") are just about in, contact us to reserve yours today.



March 2018 – Welcomes Zach to our team


We are very pleased to welcome Zach Pastoor to our team.  Zach is enthusiastic, positive and brings with him great customer service experience.  If you see Zach picking up or delivering your orders, please welcome him aboard.



February 2018 – Our new website is now launched!!


We are excited to launch the new EES bearing service inc. website.  Thank you to Shauna and Brad at REM Web Solutions for the great work.


Visit us often to check out the news about us and our industry!