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Bearing Temperature
  • Sensors screw directly into a bearings housing for temperature monitoring.  Integrated grease zerk allows lubrication of the bearing without the need for removal of the sensor


Plug Detection
  • Simple to use sensor to detect plug conditions in head sections, spouting, bins or silos



Full Monitoring


  • T500 Elite  for multiple elevator legs or conveyors or Watchdog Elite for single elevator or conveyor monitoring belt speed, belt alignment, bearing temperature, pulley alignment and plugged conditions



Belt & Pulley


  • Contact switch that detects tracking and misalignment problems on belt bucket elevators and belt conveyors





Speed Monitoring
  • Speed switches monitor for dangerous belt slip, underspeed or stop conditions


Level Indicators
  • Indicators designed for detecting bulk granular materials or powder levels in bins, silos, hoppers and chutes





Surface Temperature
  • Designed to bolt directly onto machine’s housing, motor or gearbox for surface temperature monitoring